Frequently Asked Questions

The book is available worldwide.

You can find it on Amazon by going to your regional store (e.g.,,, etc.).

Or alternatively you can find it on many other online bookstores. For example: Barnes & Noble (US), Blackwell’s (UK), BookTopia (AU & NZ).

Simply go to the website of your preferred retailer and search for the following IBSN number to see if they have the book: 9781739408909

This book is designed as a physical copy to give the best reading and learning experience. If you would like to see a Kindle version, please message one of the authors to let us know.

Yes! The strategies for same-day weigh-ins are discussed in this book. We also have real-world case studies of such cases (e.g. BJJ).

This book is primarily focused on MMA, BJJ, wrestling, muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, judo and other combat sports.

However, many principles will translate to other weight-class based sports.

We often get questions about whether the book is suitable for a certain indiviudal. Some athletes worry the book will be too science-heavy to understand, while knowledgable and experienced practioners wonder how in-depth the book is.

The book was created to be the most comprehensive resource on this topic. Not just on the theory and science, but also an in-depth explanation of how we put all these recommendations into practice.

While some of the sections on the science may get deep, we have made sure that afterwards we explain what all of that means for practice.

We are confident even the most experience, knowledgable sports nutrition professionals will learn a lot from this. Similarly, we feel that athletes can implement all the recommendations, even without understanding the sections that get into the underlying science.

You better believe it! We wanted to have a book that is rooted in scientific evidence. And we wanted to make sure that if we made a claim, we could show what this is based on.

The book has over 200 peer-reviewed research papers cited, all compiled in a reference list broken down by chapter, so you can do any further reading you wish.

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 The best way to leave feedback for the book is via an official review on Amazon. If you take the time to do so, we’d be grateful.